Isabelle Sylvoz studied photography in France and Los Angeles.
Born in France, she moved to California in her 20's, bringing with her a long standing interest in photography and painting, particularly Surrealism.
Sylvoz describes her art as distinctive surreal landscapes.
"I explore the intersection of reality & abstraction in nature by photographing and making these images - capturing these frames of times - then saving them until the moment when I am working  on a image and triggers a memory," said Sylvoz, who uses tintype transfer on aged aluminum plates to reflect the uniqueness of her touch.  Her transfer process mediums are in birch wood, pre-aged aluminum, canvases or prints.

Some of her previous work was done with oil paint on canvas. 
Sylvoz edits with PhotoShop to translate her concept of creating a highly-refined mirror image.
Delighted with the result, she prints these impressions to create images that are mysterious and occasionlly surreal.

She continues to use her camera to capture light, landscape, flora, fauna, flowers and abstract shapes.
Sylvoz tries to reflect the beauty of the environment and urban life from a different perspective with a nostalgic look.

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